Monday, 5 November 2012


Musa Chibwana, CRNSA Chair addressing the conference


1.1.        We, representatives of child rights focused organizations from across Southern Africa, which brought together a number of stakeholders including parliamentarians, government officials and various civil society organisations, meeting under the auspices of the CRNSA to reflect on building a strong child rights movement in Southern Africa

1.2.        Inspired by the desire to see children’s rights, protected, promoted and fulfilled in a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation

1.3.        Recognising that every child matters, all children matter irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, age, race, or gender

1.4.        Cognisant of the need for a stronger movement of the child rights sector in order to speak with a unified voice for and with children.

We therefore deliberated on a number of child rights issues of concern, which should be made a priority by state parties in Southern African and the African Union. Now therefore we call upon SADC to:

1.      ADOPT a specific children’s protocol
2.      MAKE state parties implement the SADC basic minimum package of services
3.      ENSURE meaningful participation of children at levels of decision making, in particular ensuring that each country has a state-funded children’s parliament
4.      DOMESTICATE regional and international instruments that state parties have ratified
5.      OF NOTE, Swaziland to ratify the African Charter on the Welfare of the Child
6.      ALLOCATE and increase budgets for children at all levels while guaranteeing meticulous budget monitoring
7.      THAT,  all communications from the African Union be translated to Portuguese for the benefit of countries speaking this language
8.      GUARANTEE timeous reporting to treaty bodies, especially the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, where no other southern Africa region has reported except Tanzania
9.      PRIORITIZE  child abuse prevention and early intervention programs
10.   EXPEDITIOUSLY pass comprehensive child related laws and policies
11.   BE role models in championing children rights  
12.   ADDRESS the contradictions arising from the existence of dual legal systems (customary law and civil law) especially where harmful  practices
13.   ADOPT all outstanding Optional Protocols inter alia the Optional Protocol on communication
14.   ENSURE that there are centralised databases on specific issues are created and maintained and that these are readily accessible to multilevel stakeholders.

15.   ADDRESS violence, particularly sexual violence, placing emphasis on rehabilitation and education.